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Hey, look, I don’t get on Bootstrap Businessmen to earn your business or convert you to a customer.

I merely want to bring value to your life and hopefully inspire you to become better today than you were yesterday.

If you haven’t had the opportunity, then take a gander at my YouTube channel, “Self-Publishing with Dale L. Roberts.”

I share a ton of information that could get you started working on a part-time career that could grow residual income for you.

Simply go to, subscribe and follow my videos.

These videos have helped a number of my clients, friends and even my co-host, Kevin S. Allen, build a small business with a few extra minutes and very little to no money.

So, what are you waiting for? Get over to “Self-Publishing with Dale L. Roberts today!

Subscribe to the channel, like your favorite videos and leave your comments.


Till later,

-Dale L. Roberts

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