The Unbelievable Truth About Chasing Your Passion

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It’s crazy looking back on how much I’ve accomplished this year alone.

Sure, I’m not making millions of dollars nor am I among the one percent ultra-rich.

But, one thing I can assure you is I am far and away more successful than I had ever imagined I could be.

I had pipe dreams, but unfortunately, I was too busy living the regular 9-to-5 work life.

And, I didn’t allocate enough energy to fulfilling what I’m most passionate about.

Now, I’m successful; however, my definition of success might be far different from yours.

In a recent interview, my close friend and former-WWE superstar Sami Callihan (aka Solomon Crowe) shared some sage insights:

Years ago, I used to think success was being in Wrestlemania. 

Success is this (and) that.

Recently, getting older, I have matured over the last couple years.

I have grown up and became a better person, a better professional wrestler, and just a better individual in life.

One thing is – the definition of success, when it’s really boiled down, is being f**kin’ happy.

Can you look at your life and be just f**kin’ happy with your life?

Are you happy with what’s going on around you?

Are you happy with what you have?

Money doesn’t buy happiness; it really doesn’t.

Do I feel like I’m a success? Hell, yeah, I’m a f*ckin’ success!

Because I’m happy as f**k right now.

(featured on this YouTube Video)

Notably, Sami had a contract with the largest stage of professional wrestling, World Wrestling Entertainment.

Yet, he wasn’t feeling fulfilled staying with the company.o he asked out of his contract and the company granted his release.

So, he asked out of his contract, and the company granted his release.

Now, he tours the world on his terms and is far and away more successful.

It just goes to show, chasing the dollar will never bring you happiness.

But, when you pursue your dreams, happiness and fulfillment are sure to follow.

And, you just might be fortunate enough to get paid for your passion.

Just remember never to give up on your dreams!


Till later,

-Dale L. Roberts

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