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Hey, Bootstrappers,

In case you missed it, my wife, Kelli Rae (Roberts) was our first special guest for Bootstrap Businessmen.

Rather fitting if you consider our show insinuates only men.

But, our advice applies to anyone of any gender, race or in some instances, age.

We covered quite a bit of ground, but what you’ll learn is how to get money through:

  1. Make money through Createspace – produce paperbacks that pay you passively
  2. Growing an email list – build a following and keep your following
  3. Investing in a coach/mentor to significantly increase your profits
  4. Starting a business in Amazon FBA for no money

And, so much more!

Despite a few hiccups and tech issues, we plowed through and had an awesome interview with Kelli.

If the player above doesn’t work in your browser, simply CLICK HERE or go to

Till later,

-Dale L. Roberts

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